Pferdeanhänger Abdeckplanen

If you have a horse trailer that is mainly parked outside, you should definitely cover it with a protective cover. The weather affects your horse trailer, especially rain, snow and mud cause rapid wear and tear. The protective covers from Car-e-cover consist of a high-quality, multi-layer tarpaulin. Our tarpaulins are absolutely waterproof on the top side to optimally protect your horse trailer from heavy rain, snow and other weather conditions. The sides of our protective cover are water-repellent. In this way we achieve very good protection against splashing water, but at the same time we can ensure that air can circulate through the sides of the protective cover. This air circulation through the cover is essential to prevent your horse trailer from developing waterlogging.

Horse trailers that are covered with completely waterproof tarpaulins inevitably develop condensation when they are parked for a longer period of time, which in turn can lead to the formation of mould. This does not happen with protective covers from Car-e-Cover. Even when the trailer is parked for a long time, our tarpaulins ensure sufficient circulation and excellent protection against the weather.
We offer protective covers for horse trailers in three different sizes. Below you will find the possibility to find suitable covers for your horse trailer both by size and by manufacturer of your horse trailer. For the selection by size, the internal dimensions of your horse trailer are decisive for the selection of the suitable protective cover.

You are also welcome to search our database for the manufacturer and model of your horse trailer and we will suggest the right protective cover for your transporter. If you cannot find your model, please feel free to contact us by email or phone and we will be happy to help you choose the right protective cover.